The digital world is expanding at an ever-increasing pace. It’s easy to think that all the change is occurring in the smart technology sector, smart TVs, smart watches and ever more powerful smartphones, but in fact, it’s happening all around us. It’s not only about the smart devices we use in our personal and social lives; the digital world is embedding itself in our working lives too.

While technology is fundamentally changing the way we work and the possibilities open to us, the unfortunate reality is that many people lack the skills to make the most of the tools and technologies available in today’s digital world.  This post by Courtney Shelton Hunt looks at three topics from digital illiteracy:
1.    what constitutes digital literacy?
2.    the costs of digital illiteracy;
3.    reducing digital illiteracy.

This blog comments on the need to improve digital literacy in the workplace by focussing on the skills people need to use social and digital technology efficiently and effectively.

Courtney Hunt  provides an interesting reminder of how advancement in technologies without considering the needs of those who will use it can leave people behind and reduce the potential of the technology.