International Women’s Day Hopin Tech Helpdesk

If you are having trouble accessing Hopin, here’s a couple of trouble-shooting tips:

  • Hopin works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers (please note it does not work on Internet Explorer)
  • Make sure you’ve closed down other tabs, your email etc which can all take up lots of processing bandwidth

Please note: To join the event you MUST have ā€“ and be signed into – a account AND be registered for the event.

Some useful links:

Using Hopin as an attendee

Hopin session FAQs

Useful tips for speaking at a Hopin event

Tips for presenters using the stage

If you’re still having trouble, the Tech Helpdesk will open at 8:15am GMT on Monday 8th March. Join via this link and a member of the Tech Team will be glad to help you to get on to Hopin so you can take part in the event.