Friday June 2, 9.30am BST

How can we build a positive social culture in organisations, and how can this become a movement for change? June’s Edge Talk features the latest thinking on social movement from Australia using Jeremy Scrivens’ work on the emotional economy.

Jeremy will share his rich insights into his cultural change model and how this can be applied to social movement thinking.

Jacqueline Del Castillo, Senior Programme Manager, Health Lab and Annie Finnis, Director, Health Lab in Nesta will be joining the session to present the UK context and latest developments on social movements.

This free session will be of interest and of use to anyone interested in finding out more about the potential of social movements in health and care; the value of using social media and third platform technologies; and the importance of connectivism.

About our speakers

Jeremy Scrivens

Jeremy deploys a suite of strengths, approaches and tools to equip leaders and business to build a positive culture for high engagement, authentic collaboration, innovation and an exceptional customer journey.

He works with enterprises, not for profits and communities in holistic change for sustainable growth. A recognised Appreciative Inquiry facilitator, Jeremy works coaching large scale positive change, engagement and innovation in enterprises.

Prior to this, Jeremy spent 25 years as a senior HR and Workforce Transformation Leader in the Australian Public Service. During this time, he deployed state of the art business transformation approaches including process simplification, lean thinking, HRM, change management and Requisite Organisation.

Jeremy is a global player on social media, with a growing reputation as a thought leader and facilitator on the Future of Work in the Digital Age. He is a sought after speaker and consultant on the Future of Work, Appreciative Inquiry, Social Movements, Collaboration as the New Innovation and Gen G: the young workforce wired for collaboration and innovation on a global scale. With Sarah Brewer, Jeremy has co-designed and delivers the world’s leading syllabus – Becoming Social – for coaching business owners, leaders and teams on how to develop an authentic voice, influence, following, social good and business value by being authentic players on social media in a connected world.

Follow Jeremy on Twitter: @jeremyscrivens


Jacqueline del Castillo


Jacqueline works in Nesta’s Health Lab on initiatives that empower people and communities to improve their own health and the systems which shape it. Most recently, she has been involved in NHS England’s Health as a Social Movement programme in collaboration with RSA and the New Economics Foundation.

Jacqueline has spent the last 10 years securing the wellbeing of people and societies globally. She is currently seeking her PhD at the Institute for Global Healthcare Innovation at Imperial College London. Most recently, she was at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation working on innovation projects that improve the experience and delivery of healthcare.

Miss the session? Slides and recording available below:

In order to get the most out of the session, Jeremy asks participants to think about the following questions before viewing:

(Please note these questions are not mandatory – they are intended as helpful prompts before and after the talk).

Imagine you could change something for the better using social media, what would this be? What do you care passionately about?

  1. A vision is a profound dissatisfaction with the way things are and a picture of what the future might or will be?
  • What are you dissatisfied with now?
  • What is your vision for the future –imagine if?
  1. What is the future story?
  • What is happening in your story?
  • What is being changed or put in place for the better?
  • Who benefits?
  • What are the outcomes?
  • What is your contribution?
  • Who are you collaborating with on social media to make this happen – individuals, business, and community? #We
  • What is the scale: local, national, global?
  • What new opportunities / possibilities have come into being?
  • What has been put into place to make this happen?
  • How is this story revealing the real, authentic #Me
  • Why are people engaging with and coming on board with this story?
  1. In your future story, are you initiating (starting up) a movement on social media or joining as a contributing member of an existing online movement?
  2. What is the cause you are sharing on social media?
  • How are you sharing it?
  • What is your contribution to the work with your hands, head and heart?
  • What legacy are you leaving?
  1. Who are the new supporters you have reached with your cause?
  2. What is the message you are sharing with your potential supporters so that they come on board with you and join the cause or movement?
  3. What is your story so far – what have you achieved and what’s next for you?