If you’re looking for a primer into current thinking about good decision-making techniques and behavioural economics, then this article is a great starting point. John Beshears and Francesca Gino are Harvard Business School researchers, who have themselves carried out many experiments, but cite other research throughout this article.

Much of the article references system 1 and system 2 thinking, which will be familiar to you if you’ve read Daniel Kahneman’s popular book Thinking, Fast and Slow. There are also references to nudge theory and the Behavioural Insights Team, the taskforce set up by the government in 2010 to implement some of this thinking into the civil service.

Most useful is the checklist at the end of the piece that gives some ideas about how to maximise your chances of ensuring good decisions are made. There is a three question test to check whether you are tricked by intuition, which I’m glad to say I got all three correct.