How can you make products that customers love? The webcast takes you through many of the ideas we covered in the issue 12 of The Edge on designing products and pathways. What I enjoyed within the webcast were the handy tips gained at each stage of the process which could be applied to innovation in health. First start with the problems and decide how you can develop a project that addresses these issues using the lean start up approach.

The lean start up approach is covered in more detail by Eric Ries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEvKo90qBns and it is a fundamentally different way to achieve success with projects.   At The Edge we have spent a year beta testing the product – a knowledge hub for health and care change agents. Trying different ideas to see how it fits with the needs of the Edge community. Sometimes it worked, other times it did not, but what was important is that we learnt from that experience and what our community told us. We often quote in our Horizons presentation slide decks that we fail fast, learn and embed that learning. The Edge 1.0 has been an amazing lean start up experiment where we have tried agile approaches and apps, whilst working out loud.

We tested the science of intrapreneurship throughout the year whilst undertaking the various roles and designs that have led us to The Edge2.0 issue 13. The iterations will not stop and we want the community to work with us to develop the platform and use The Edge to support you to do good work.

The question we have now is not can we build a community change platform, but how can we work with our community to build an even better one! Change is changing and we want you to share your learning with us through the new more intuitive platform.

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