March Edge Talks: Friday 3 March, 9.30am GMT

The DNA of Care: the importance of listening to staff stories

Presented by Dr Karen Deeny, Staff Experience Programme Lead at NHS England (@karendeeny1), and Dr Pip Hardy (@PilgrimPip), Co-founder of the Patient Voices Programme (@PatientVoicesUK).

The intertwined relationship between patient care and staff well-being has been likened to the double helix. And so the stories we tell each other are like the DNA of care, transmitting information and shaping cultures, offering learning opportunities and, sometimes, healing.

The stories of NHS staff reveal what really matters to them. Their stories point to the ways staff can be supported to provide the best possible care for their patients.

In 2016 NHS England provided funding for staff from all around the country and from many different professions to create digital stories with the Patient Voices Programme. Drawing on experiences of several of the storytellers from the project, this webinar will highlight the ways in which stories can bring about both personal and organisational change as well as guiding research into the power of stories and storytelling in the search for improvements in care.

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