There was so much that I love about this article. Firstly its talks about inner journeys, this is something all of us should reflect on. When we are working in healthcare remembering why we do, how we can keep patients central and ways that we can keep on improving both as services and as individuals is so important. As the article said none of us can stay the same, why? Because, to create the best culture, best care, we must move on, keep evolving and listen to what patients need from us. Personal journeys can be hard, it may mean facing our doubts or fears, it may mean us being honest with ourselves about things that we need to change with-in us, perhaps attitudes or ways of working.


Our inner journey as the article points out, is linked to the teams we work in. Thinking about the questions in the article can help us re-focus and re-evaluate what we are doing as an individual, but also as a team.


What I love most about this article though are the thoughts around hopes and dreams. We all have hopes and dreams whether we are healthcare professionals or service users. Sometimes we have hopes and dreams but feel they may never become a reality. When we care for others, having hopes and dreams for our service helps us to aim for something, it gives us a common purpose and keeps us close, building respect. As the article says, thinking about where we fit in and the contribution we make, to those hopes and dreams can help us to always give our best and reach out for things that others may say are not possible. As service users we may have hopes and dreams for ways that we would like services we need to be. Bravely speaking up, telling our stories and reaching out to offer support can be a way of having those hopes realised. As a service user we have valuable insight and often we see ways that services can work better, this can be a gift we can offer that will not only benefit us but others too.


A wonderful article, by two inspiring people, who show true compassion and give us all much to think about.