When we think about social movements, often we think about voluntary groups, outside of organisations, that mobilise huge numbers of people to take action around a cause that they feel passionate about. So, says Khurshed Dehnugara, why can’t we apply the same principles inside organisations to achieve the changes that we all believe in?

He talks about the kinds of values-driven change agents who work in this way, positioning themselves “at the edges of organisational life and look to challenge the status quo from the inside rather than stand on the outside throwing stones.” This is a tough undertaking (being in the organisation, but still managing to challenge and make positive change happen) but I think this is one of the most effective places for health and care change agents to locate themselves.

A lot of the articles and blogs we read when trying to find content for The Edge talk about the imminent organisational revolution bringing the death of hierarchical leadership and a digital takeover. Dehnugara describes a different future where the old structures and systems will stay in place for a long time yet. However, we will overlay more relational, connected approaches to change on top of the structures currently in place. I think that is what we are starting to see in health and care.

Dehnugara quotes from the manifesto of Corporate Rebels United, a global movement of organisational change agents: “We love our organizations and want them to succeed. We want to accelerate change from deep within the fabric of our organizations and to reclaim our passion for work.” He encourages change activists who work in organisations to reach out to and unite with others on the same quest to find the support and energy they need to do the difficult work of changing the organisations they love from the inside.

I wish that everyone, who is a change agent in health and care, could get to read and discuss this inspiring and insightful blog.