As the new care models programme begins its third year, people working across the programme, both nationally and locally have been exploring how they can ensure the success of the new care models are spread across health and care services.

The latest event featured an online discussion where we explored the acute care collaboration (ACC) model in depth from a different perspective. The discussion allowed us to share and spread learning from the ACC vanguard communities, including how the vanguards have improved care for patients and the working lives of staff, and discuss how the learning from ACC vanguards can support sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) to improve care for local people.

The session was chaired by Dr Charlie Davie, Managing Director at UCL Partners AHSN, and included Jacob West, the national ACC Care Model Lead alongside a panel of ACC vanguard directors and representatives. The panel will discussed what they have done and learned in setting up their model of care and give a picture of what support might be available for future adopters.

Session recording here:

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Sam Jones is the Director for the New Care Models National Programme, supporting 50 localities to implement new care models taking forward the Five Year Forward View for the NHS in England. Steve Sewell and Chris Jones are leading local vanguard sites. Each vanguard site acts as the blueprint for the English NHS moving forward and acts as inspiration to the rest of the health and care system. Steve Sewell leads the development and implementation of a Stockport Together, a health and care system transformation across 4 partner organisations within the Stockport Area, covering a population of 300,000. Chris Jones is leads the initiative to create a fully integrated, expanded and digitally mature primary health and wellbeing system for a population of 63,000 people in West Wakefield. Steve and Chris will describe their contrasting approaches to making radical, multi-level change happen across a whole system and the change methods they are using to make this happen.

See below an introduction to the ACC vanguards.