This White Paper from NHS Improving Quality examines leading trends in change and transformation from multiple industries across the world.

As leaders of health and care we operate in a world where change needs to happen at a faster rate and become more disruptive – our thinking and actions need to challenge the status quo, which will not serve us for the future.

Many of the ways we go about improving health and care (in the NHS and elsewhere) were designed in a different mindset for a different set of circumstances. Given the radical and complex nature of our transformational challenge, these ‘tried and tested’ methods increasingly won’t deliver what we need to deliver for patients.

In this White Paper, we identify the profound implications and opportunities for leaders of health and care. They include a fundamental rethink about what organisational and system change means, including:

  • Who does it (many change agents, not just a few)
  • Where it happens (increasingly ‘at the edge’ of organisations and systems)
  • The skills and mindsets that change agents need.

It also means embracing disruption and ‘disruptors’ in our organisations and wider systems to create an environment where innovation is encouraged; no longer seeking to ‘overcome resistance to change’ but welcoming difference, diversity and dissent as core operating principles of our organisations.

The White Paper concludes with a call to action: join the new breed of leaders across the world who are rewriting the rules of change and leading change from the future to get different results.