What it’s like to deliver enhanced health in care homes?

Join the new care models programme and the national enhanced health in care homes vanguards in an online discussion as we delve into this care model in more depth. The discussion will allow us to get insights into the benefits of the model, how it has been developed and what our colleagues have experienced in setting up their models. We hope to share and spread learning from the vanguard communities and support future adopters to understand the model and how it has been delivered.

A panel of colleagues along with care home provider organisations and patients/carers will discuss what they have done and learned from setting up their model of care and what might be useful for those considering taking forward the enhanced health in care homes framework. Those joining the session will have lots of opportunity to ask the panel questions about the model and get the answer straight from those who are doing it every day.

Webinar recording:


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  1. The programme sounds very exciting. Dissapointed I missed the webinar. Can the discussion be accessed post event?

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