The 2015 Gates notes have been included in our curation for The Edge to show how you can make change spread on a global scale. The Gates mission aims high, is well funded and it challenges all to engage with the project, this approach has been called by JF Kennedy as a ‘Moon shot’.  (This is a mission that some people would say is impossible and yet the moon shot happened and a man did set foot on the moon and return safely to earth. Both Kennedy in 1961 and Page (Google) 2013 have used moon shots.

Kennedy moon shot 1961 and Google Moon shot 2013

Inspiring Moon shots make people connect and work hard to achieve the impossible. There is always a risk that the goal cannot be achieved and sometimes in the pursuit of one goal you will find another achievement that is even more important. One moon shot that was launched with major publicity and celebrity buy in is Google Glass this has now been stopped, but will it resurface at a later date in a different format – perhaps linked to a medical device?

What could your moon shot for health and care be in your area?