Our third talk was by Alison Cameron discussing ‘Out of our boxes. Patients as agents of change’ and took place on Friday 7 August from 9.30 – 11am (GMT +1).

Full recordinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCWEG9VipNw&spfreload=10

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Over the 17 years since my diagnosis with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I have slowly moved along a continuum reclaiming power in respect of my own health. I then chose to go further and use insight gained along the way to push for change in the wider system. My talk will focus on how I was able to make the transition from passive patient to patient leader.

Patient leadership requires a share in power between patient and professional and an acknowledgement that we are more than a “voice”, more than our “patient story”, but also a source of skills and expertise which can be used to effect transformational change.

I believe passionately in genuine co-production – in bringing together patients and professionals in equal partnership, questioning assumptions on all sides and challenging our notion of hierarchy. This has its challenges for all concerned. We are all – to some extent – in boxes labelled by our job title or our diagnosis. These boxes can be defensive bunkers offering an illusion of protection from fear of change in an already chaotic, uncertain climate.

My talk will discuss these challenges and offer solutions as to how we might address them together.

Hopefully my session will help participants find the courage to emerge from boxes labelled “patient” or “professional”, and risk venturing into the territory where both sides are prepared to walk in the shoes of the other and boundaries are blurred. We have the potential then to create something truly transformational.