The Power of One, the Power of Many: Being a Leader in a Changing World

Will YOU join our call to action at 3.30pm (GMT) today?

Today, 15th March, is the second and final day of the Chief Nursing Officer’s Summit in Birmingham.

There have been important and energetic discussions going on at the summit so far. Some of the big themes include nurses and midwives leading change, new relationships and partnerships with patients and families and the changing role of leaders.

Helen Bevan is going to speak at the summit at the end of today. The theme of her talk is “Leadership is the power of one, harnessing the power of many”. She is going to ask the leaders taking part in the summit to identify their “call to action” and tweet a picture of it with the hashtag #CNOSUMMIT.

To demonstrate “the power of one, the power of many”, we would love you to take part as well, wherever you are in the country or in the world.


How to get involved:

Between 3.30 and 3.45pm today (Wednesday 15th March 2017), will you join us and write your own personal call to action on a sheet of paper or card? This is any action you will take to encourage others to join together and collaborate to build energy for change and make improvements for patients, families and co-workers.

  • Take a photo of yourself and tweet it with the hashtag #CNOSUMMIT
  • Please type the words of your call to action in the body of your tweet.

Here are some examples of what we would like you to do:

Student midwife @JaneDouthwaite with her call to action:

You will be part of a movement, at the summit and around the word, demonstrating “the power of one, the power of many”.

Remember: post your tweet between 3.30 and 4.15pm pm today.

If you have any queries or need some help, send a tweet to @kateslater2 or @leighakendall