Large-scale change underpins most successful improvement programmes but how do we make that happen through online participation?

The success of online participation is the connecting force between lurkers and crowdsourcers according to Nick Kellet. He writes an entertaining blog on what it takes for lurkers – the silent majority online, to come out of the woods and join the playground. The participation funnel starts with consumers – lurkers (90%) and then moves on to curators (9%) and content (1%).  If you regularly crowdsource you need to know this because according to Nick Kellet very few people understand the skills involved in running ‘multiple large scale initiatives’. Crowdsourcing is a party, but to consistently engage people in the fun is all a matter of perception, attitude and persistence. If you want to know what motivates lurkers read the seven practical steps, you can use to entice and motivate lurkers to join in the fun.

Why not put the seven steps to practice and contribute to ‘Challenging top down change in the NHS‘ crowdsourcing platform #ChangeChallenge.

Let us know how you got on with the seven steps.

This contextual piece was written for you by Janet Wildman, Research Associate, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @JWildman1