I talked in my piece for The Edge on the Radical Roots of Co-production of the potential for Timebanking as a means of helping us redefine “value” and that there is capacity in the system that is outside the “market” which drives so much of services these days.

Read it here http://theedge.nhsiq.nhs.uk/co-production-radical-roots-radical-results/

Timebanking provides a mechanism to start mobilising “people power” in a way that is far more likely to be sustainable and real than trying to create a “social movement” by attempting to impose while viewing the world through a “service-driven” lens.

This article by Timebanking founder Edgar Cahn and Julie and Lucie Ozanne describes the work of New Zealand’s first-time bank and how it became all the more essential following a series of earthquakes, making use of all assets a matter of urgency. The Timebank played a role in providing information about the availability of resources due to the deep knowledge they had built up in the community. It made far better use of all vital resources.

This approach is not only needed in the wake of natural disasters but also in times of dwindling resources within health and social care. We are at a tipping point which brings into sharp relief the need to “establish networks, sustain connectivity, expand trust and harness information systems” mentioned in the article.

Timebanking is about valuing time irrespective of status and monetary value. It’s about time we embraced its full potential.