Have you heard the one about the commissioner, the actress and the policeman? This energising article by Roz Davies explains how an imaginative but simple partnership of people from very mixed perspectives can achieve great things by coming together as a genuine co-production team, building communities and helping people take control of their own health.

It is heartening to see the ideas of ‘small people’ with big dreams come to fruition, proving that “GP Practices can become focal points for community building and community-centred approaches”. Dr Amir Hannan, with his team at the Horton Thornley Medical Centre, is enabling people to access their own electronic health records; Dr Farhan Amin’s empowering vision for ‘Patient Memoirs’ is facilitating peer support for people with long-term conditions. These people do not see barriers; only solutions.

Shared values, storytelling, reciprocity. Everyone contributing, building networks and strong relationships for positive change. Powerful and inspirational.

Gill PhillipsCommentary by Gill Phillips @WhoseShoes

Gill is catalyst for change in health & social care. Creator of Whose Shoes? Coproduction tool helping people work together to improve lives.