Siren highlights that innovation has previously been defined incorrectly or without clarity. That may explain why innovators meet with resistance as innovation can be considered not core business. The article covers how innovation is ‘practicing the art of disciplined experimentation’. Technology is developing at a rapid pace and mastering the art of innovation is essential as no formal planning can totally anticipate changes.

What does this mean for healthcare innovation? We need to be aware that as new products and technologies are developed they will impact on the way we do things now and in the future. They will change patient pathways, and patients will be innovators not passive recipients of care. There are examples of patient’s actively leading transformational care, true experts in their diverse requirements. The Edge will look to feature Change Agents who are patients and carers who have been inspirational to showcase their work and enable us to learn from their experience.

This contextual piece was written by Jackie Lynton, Head of Transformation, Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @JackieLynton