NHS Horizons was commissioned to work in partnership with the 100,000 Genome Programme to enable and accelerate the pace of genomic medicine becoming mainstream clinical practice in England.  This programme will enable effective prevention, diagnostics and treatment for cancer patients.

Our work to enable mainstream adoption includes:

  1. Accelerated Design Events: Horizons led the codesign and facilitation of four regional accelerated design events.  These events were oversubscribed and brought together approximately 570 clinicians, system leaders, managers, patients and charities to collectively tackle the current challenges.  Each event highlighted 11-16 live challenges and co-created first steps and innovative plans to collectively overcome the challenges. A second round of regional events are being planned for Autumn 2018 to enable the dissemination of good practice and accelerate the pace of implementation so that more patients can receive improved treatment and outcomes.  
  2. The development of a ‘Virtual’ community to build a genomics network across England, to identify issues, problem solve and share good practice.
Participants action planning at the Leeds event, May 2018