This blog by Dan Pontefract jumped out at me as I really like the notion of the “sweet spot”, where personal, role and organisational purpose align and work in symbiosis. For those that are familiar with the NHS Change Model, you’ll remember that ‘our shared purpose’ lies at the very heart of effective change:

“Shared purpose connects us with our commitment and contribution to our core values – the things that bring us into the NHS to deliver outcomes that matter to local communities, beyond just what we do as individuals, teams or organisations”

As Dan says, if you think of the three categories of purpose as legs on a bar stool, it will be rather wobbly & ineffective if there isn’t good alignment between the three. We can apply this notion to further expand on our thinking about shared purpose in change in health and social care. Are your three purposes clearly defined and aligned? What about your colleagues and team? If not, making explicit your change purpose and exploring how it complements and conflicts with other people’s personal and role purpose may be a good place to start.