Let’s get the NHS talking again!

The 19 October 2016 is Fab Change Day, when people all over the NHS and wider health and care system will be taking action to make a difference to patients.  As part of this we will be running a Randomised Coffee Trial and we would love you to take part.

Randomised Coffee Trials (RCTs) are a simple but powerful idea. In an era of electronic patient records and complex workloads, we are talking to each other less. We want to get you talking to each other again.   So we are going to pair people up at random and give them the opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a chat together.  There a lots of benefits to RCTs including breaking down silos, getting people to connect and learning from each other.  Hundreds of organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors have introduced RCTs with great results and we’d like to do it too!

We are running many different RCTs and there is a special one just for us NHS England employees.

NHS England is a big organisation and we don’t always get to hear about what colleagues in different departments do.  So this is a great opportunity to break down barriers and build new networks.

Click on this link to get involved!

To find out about the other RCTs we are hosting and to get involved, please click here to find out how.

Get involved in other national RCTs based around Mental Health, Dementia, Staff Wellbeing, Patient Safety, Continuing Health Care and NHS England Employees or click here to find out how local organisations can organise their own events.