As part of Fab Change Day we are hosting a number of different types of randomised coffee trials (RCT).

We are hosting a number of national RCTs where people can connect around a shared passion or interest.

Click on these links to find out more:

  • Mental Health – for people interested in mental health issues across the NHS
  • Dementia – for people interested in how dementia is supported throughout the NHS
  • Staff wellbeing – for anyone interested in how NHS staff are supported
  • Patient Safety – for those with an interest in ensuring patient safety throughout the health and care system
  • HomeFirst – looking at the issues around ensuring continuing healthcare when people with long-term conditions no longer require medical care
  • Learning and Leading together: Patients Included – for anyone interested in how patients and practitioners can successfully work in partnership

We also have an NHS England Employees RCT community which is specifically for employees of NHS England.