Forget how you feel about those who reject good ideas and inject dark clouds of negativity into your blue-sky vision! CJ Graham puts out a challenge calling to reach out and embrace those who resist us. Rather than dismissing the objections raised by resisters we should connect with them in a meaningful way and turn their criticism into something productive. So how can we do that?

CJ suggests several practical ways:

  • First, we need to understand the sources of resistance, such as mistrust, lack of information, or lack of clarity. Each of those elements describes a particular set of conditions which create opposition and the struggle to change.
  • Second, we need to understand the reasons for the resistance we are encountering, such as history of disappointments or an acute lack of information.

It takes courage to admit that things might have gone wrong in the past, but there’s nothing that should stop you from trying to make it better this time. It takes patience to listen and acknowledge the views of the resistance but equally it creates space and time to share your reflections and convey your ideas. Let’s face it; we’re all in the same boat- it’s rocky sometimes but the journey’s end is worth it.