Anything that can make people collaborate for innovation gets my vote and agile methodology seems to make sense on so many levels. Drawn from the software/ tech world it is now being used in a variety of different work environments. The agile approach is based on ‘servant leadership’ a term that many in healthcare will be familiar with through different leadership courses.

Working with @DomCushnan on The Edge we tried the agile methodology explored in Tim Rayner’s article over the last year to collaborate for healthcare innovation on The Edge. At the end of our first year do I think that we have adopted true agile methodology into our working day @NHSEngland? No, what has happened is that we have a hybrid version of agile fit for the healthcare setting that we work within. A setting that still relies on project management tools such as Prince and MS Project management. As all innovators know sometimes you have to take small steps at first to change a wider system.

Tim Rayner’s article makes the subject straightforward and fun. Taking the key steps and manifesto of agile and showing you the benefits of working in this way. Personal reflections are that this approach takes a committed team of early adopters that can work to make it fit with their needs/organisations and if necessary enthusiastically bring others with them.

It would be fantastic to hear of others in the health and social care setting that are using the Agile methodology at present or if you want to try out the approach let us know at The Edge.