Congratulations to the 830 people who have become Certificated Change Agents in 2018!

If you’d like to become a Certificated Change Agent, we’d love for you to join us when School starts again in 2019 – please register on our School for Change Agents 2019 page.

More than 1,000 change activists from the wider public sector took part
in the School for Change Agents 2018, with approximately 800 becoming Certificated Change Agents.

You can find the recording and transcript for each weekly webinar from the 2018 School for Change Agents below if you would like to recap your learning.

Module 1 – Change Starts With Me

Module 2 – The Power to Make A Difference

Module 3 – Being Resilient and Dealing with Resistance to Change

Module 4 – From Me to We Mobilising and Organising

Module 5 – The Change Agent of the Future


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