Our school is building a movement of change agents that are fundamentally transforming health and care.

We have improved patients lives, saved the NHS millions of pounds, many of us and our teams have gone on to win awards for the work we have gone on to do from School. We’ve been promoted, sit on governing boards and are advising policy. We show up to work differently – with confidence, courage and a community that makes us stronger, smarter and happier.
We are 11,000 committed change agents collectively thinking, planning and acting to continually improve and provide high quality and compassionate care

“It doesn’t matter what your title, role or banding is. Be passionate, you are needed, your voice and story are important and if you see something that could be changed to support your patient, go for it. We would all be a lot more successful if we just gave it a go. The school is going to help you achieve the incredible.”

Dani: School Participant

“Before the school I was almost sacked for being “disruptive” because I was becoming frustrated by the bureaucracy and simple mistakes we were making. The school gave me the methodology to stay in my job and transformed my practice and my life. I am now hitting and exceeding targets, my team have won multiple awards for our work, I’ve been promoted and I am leading on projects that make me get up excited each day. I’m helping save our hospital lots of money and patients are healthier and happier.”

Joan: School Participant

“Making time for the School means will learn how to free up your time, face challenges with greater ease and it will offer up new opportunities for you. It will also improve engagement within your teams and build bridges and relationships with other teams within your organisation, widening opportunities for greater collaboration and problem solving going forward.”

Joanne: School Participant

“Don’t feel confident enough yet? Join the school! The school gives you practical methods to break silos, flatten barriers and share good practice. I want everyone to know no matter who you are, whatever part of the NHS system you sit in – you can do this course and you will find value in its teaching.”

Sarah: School Participant

“I now have networks that help me lead and I bring those networks to others. My confidence has soared due to the school and I want to help others feel the same. The work I’ve done never started with the trusts backing and was not part of my formal role. It was out of my love of being a nurse and my values as a mum. What I have learnt is that you need to do this on your own back. If you are going to wait for permission you will be waiting until it is to late. We need solutions now.”

Rachel: School Participant

“The school has been vital to my leadership journey. Part of my new role means I go to meetings where people of my banding/role are not normally invited. I’ve been introduced by my banding rather than my name…or if I am lost and in the right room. Those painful moments have been supported by the school, helping me to be resilient. The school taught me to take opportunity of these meetings and make connections despite the difficulty. The school gave me the consent to not seek permission, to be brave and voice my opinions in constructive and relationship building ways. I’ve always felt like I needed everyone’s permission to do anything, and I learnt that in some moments I need to take leadership and ask for forgiveness later.”

Emma Jane: School Participant