Can successful transformation change happen in an organisation by a  top down approach? Helen Bevan’s article challenges us to think differently and fully engage front line staff and the public  in a conversation through a change platform. Traditionally change programmes were used to develop skills within the organisation and whilst that was useful, true change happens when individual’s buy into the process, it resonates with their values and they feel part of the process.

What difference can a change platform make?  Already conversations have started on the Challenge Top-Down Change campaign site with ideas put forward from the front line and patients with passion, drive and clarity.

In times of austerity, a radical change agenda is required to make a difference, based on compassionate care, disruptive innovation and demonstrating value at all levels. The NHS Five Year Forward View challenges us to build on the previous track record of innovation and engage with all to share our vision for a dynamic, patient centered approach to care. Helen Bevan’s article aims to set out the foundations of the concept of change platforms and invite you to be part of making a difference.