Liz Ryan was an opera singer before writing about the workplace and leading the Human Workplace Movement. In this article, she argues strong managers put their personal ethics into practice at work, while weak managers make selfish, fear-based choices. Listing seven things weak managers say is certainly food for reflection. Two points that prompted reflection in me were; 1.Strong managers care about their staff’s personal problems, and 2. Not resisting change through insisting on ‘traditional’ ways of working at things.

However, Liz’s main solution is to look for another job, which I considered an overly individualistic perspective/solution. I think the more interesting systemic question the article prompts us to think about is: “How do we shift the workplace to be more reflective space, open to a dialogue? One where unsaid fears and pressures on managers and staff alike can be expressed and discussed, alongside the personal ethics/values that drive us to work daily?