In this age of social media there is an increasing demand for new knowledge now, today, as soon as I can get it. This has spurred an increase in curation: the process of collecting, organising and displaying information that is related to a particular theme or topic area. In turn, curation enables people to find new information easily as soon as it becomes available, for example through e mail, Facebook or Twitter alerts. Because social media is a specific enabler we are beginning to hear the term ‘social curation’.

A new portal has just been launched in New Zealand which provides a range of different resources on improvement and innovation. These are not only from local colleagues but also from those around the world. Of course The Edge is included!

Social curation also benefits from social interaction to provide feedback. Have a look at this new site, feedback on any ideas you can take and share in your own context, and also share with others what you are doing. Spread knowledge and learning, it will make a difference.