The Social Transformation Project (STP) is a rich source of information for senior leaders, consultants, and intermediaries to increase the power and impact of the progressive movement. STP’s network works across various movements to create transformation and leads by example.

Learn about cross-movement organizing and ground breaking ideas to achieving change. Discover an array of publications which are about increasing the power, collaboration, and effectiveness of social change organizations and movements. If you want to learn more about transformation there is a great read on What is Transformation?

You can view comments by others on The Art of Transformational Consulting training and you can access examples of STP’s work through a collection of videos and see it in action.

Gain further insight into transforming organizations and learn about The Wheel of Change. Find out how this simple and profound model can affect your inner experience, actions and external realities.

Did you find the STP’s work helpful?

Which of the resources shared by STP did you find particularly useful and why?

Can your organization benefit from any of the examples shared by the STP?



This contextual piece was written by Arsha Sharma, Project Manager at Horizons Group, NHS Improving Quality @arshakumari