Locally led, jointly decided, centrally supported: this is #SolvingTogether

#SolvingTogether is an approach to capture, assess and test learning and ideas that can support the priorities for health and care; it is part of a suite of interventions relating to the delivery of transformation led by Tim Ferris, Director of Transformation of NHS England. It is doing this by mobilising the people who know the most (those delivering and receiving care and leading services), making them fair, accessible and inclusive for all. 

The #SolvingTogether “crowdsourcing” platform is a regionally-led and centrally supported initiative to capture, assess, test and share ideas on a range of issues affecting our NHS. Recently #SolvingTogether has crowdsourced ideas for supporting the recovery of NHS elective care and on urgent and elective care (UEC). #SolvingTogether is currently asking what should always happen to ensure people go home from hospital earlier in the day and be heading #Home4Noon?

Everyone can get involved in #SolvingTogether. And we mean everyone. All you need to do to get involved is to sign up to the platform, which takes just a couple of minutes.

If you don’t have an idea to post on the platform, you can get involved by voting and commenting on ideas already posted. If you’re on Twitter, you can join in the conversation and spread the word using the hashtag #SolvingTogether.

Let’s all join in with #SolvingTogether.

Click to see the platform for heading #Home4Noon.

Click to see the platform for Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC).