If you want to know how to influence people using ‘Jedi mind tricks’ sign up here. Simon Terry takes us through the fun and often dangerous adventures of being a change agent and identifies the super powers needed. Do you have a cloak of invisibility? A handy telephone box to pop into and transform into a superhero? No, what change agents have through their core is extraordinary amounts of spirit, compassion, purpose and initiative.

What stands out within Simon’s article is that change agents need to work through networks harnessing their powers for good by inspiring others. Change agents are real they use the power of human emotions to engage, connect and transform services and care. They listen, promote understanding and are authentic. When people come together to bring about health and social care change through co-production, they step away from labels and being put in boxes. They see the world as super heroes, find it wanting and conjure up something to fix it.

Being a change agent is messy, takes tenacity and invokes magic of a human kind. Changing systems is far more complex than saving the world in movies. It involves agendas, histories and thinking of other’s needs. To unpack this in a commentary is difficult, and I recommend that you listen to #EdgeTalks with @AllyCameron365 to understand how we can bring about change in difficult circumstances.