As a patient now working as an outsider inside the system, I see how much time, energy and resources are devoted to evaluating and measuring. I recalled vividly two weeks in succession attending focus groups on mainly the same subject run by two different set of clearly very expensive consultants and remarked at the time would it not be an idea to pool resources or at least communicate on some of this? I am sure I was not heard.

Great to see the Third Sector leading the way in a new approach to collecting data and using it to influence change at strategic levels. The article introduces a report by New Philanthropy Capital which looked at how third sector organisations could develop a shared approach to measurement. Pooling data has given weight to arguments being put forward by domestic abuse charities as the data was more robust since it combined information from a range of organisations at once. It was far less likely to be ignored and had been influential at government policy level.

In healthcare, I think there needs to be a serious look at how much evaluation goes on for evaluation’ sake and might it not be possible to pool resources more than happens at present. Until I believe this is happening, I will continue to make a stand by refusing to fill in questionnaires or use them for origami which might seem rather more worthwhile….