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The Global Peter Drucker Forum is an annual event organized by the Peter Drucker Society Europe, a non-profit association affiliated with the Drucker Institute. As a leading management conference, the Forum brings together top executives and noted scholars to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the day. The dialogue is informed and animated by the writing and spirit of the late Peter F. Drucker, who is widely considered, “the father of modern management.

I knew very little about the Drucker Forum until last week, when I saw a stream of tweets with the hashtag #GPDF14 appear in my Twitter feed, followed by . I become so absorbed in tweet after tweet of prime time content and world class names that I quickly added a dedicated column to my TweetDeck to keep an eye on the proceedings. Then what should appear but a tweet from Steve Fairman @SteveFairman1, our Managing Director of NHS Improving Quality! I must admit, I had a tiny bit of the green eyed monster, but moreso felt proud and heartened that the NHS was being represented in such a heavyweight forum amongst the world’s sharpest business, management and transformational minds. I am really looking forward to hearing about Steve’s experiences and take-home-messages from the Forum, and most importantly, what we can do with the knowledge and connections to bring this thought leadership to benefit our NHS.

Steve Fairman

This is a comprehensive and enlightening summary by Steve Denning @stevedenning who took part in the Forum. Better still, from the end of November 2014 you will be able to view the videos of the speakers via this YouTube link.

I challenge you to read this article and spend some time pondering over the dissonance between the four characteristics of the discussions about, “The beginning of the end” and “The end of the beginning” as neatly sumnmarised by Steve.

1. From ‘lack of managerial ambition’ to ‘bold goals’

2. From ‘a failure of imagination’ to ‘the future is already here’

3. From ‘interlocking goals, practices and metrics’ to ‘integrated goals, measures and practices’

4. From ‘fear of the future’ to ‘a positive view of the future’

How would you, as a health and care change activist go about using your leadership skills to help others transition from, “The beginning of the end” to “The end of the beginning”? As Steve Denning says, it’s not about whether transition will happen or not. The choice is whether the transtion will be, “…slow and stupid and ugly and bloody” or, “…quick and intelligent and elegant“?

What do you think?

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