If you are planning an innovation event the creativity playlist would make people think differently and stimulate new ways of working. There are so many ways that this could be used – playing in the background at the event, as part of a workshop or use as a separate piece of follow up learning. The beauty of a playlist is that there will always be a talk which will appeal to your audience or encourage debate. TEDTalks have picked the top five popular talks on creativity, which are diverse and challenge you to think outside the box. What these presenters will do is leave you with an opinion on their particular take on creativity!

We have seen through the #EdgeTalks how our community has engaged with specific topics from change platforms to co-production. Our aim is to bring you even more diversity through the community platform in 2015 – 2016.

Enjoy the talks from Elizabeth Gilbert, David Kelly, Kirby Ferguson, Young – Ha Kim and Phil Hansen, share them with your health and care community and leave a comment to let us know which talk resonated with you. Change is changing and it’s time to look at new ways to kick start creativity in teams.