I’m seeing the Haggis Panini I encountered in Scotland in a new light thanks to this entertaining TEDx Talk by Kristian Ribberstrom of the Medici Group in Sweden.

He attributes the success in Sweden of the “kebab pizza” to what he calls “intersectional thinking” based on diversity, unpredictability and execution. All new ideas are combinations of existing ideas – more likely to happen when people from diverse backgrounds come together. When people from the Middle East started taking over Swedish pizza parlours this “melange” was created which Swedes loved.

Hence, teams should not be comprised entirely of people viewing through the same lens. At NHS events where the formal diversity boxes may be ticked, I often find attendees looking through solely a system paradigm though they may have other perspectives on which to draw.

“The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” (Proust).