Is it time to look at supporting a new era of leadership?

Work by Senge, Hamilton and Kania suggest that Systems Leadership is the way forward within their review. Providing exemplars of exceptional leaders such as Mandela, the article shows how by thinking differently and establishing a diverse conversation, progress can be made against the difficult challenges that exist.

Knowledge is presented around key themes to demystify what it means to be a systems leader and continue to develop the core skills required.  Senge, Hamilton and Kania challenge the assumption that systems leaders included in the exemplars walk on a higher plane and are special people. Evidence identified found there many people who have these core capabilities and use them to bring about collaborative and constructive dialogue from all levels and leadership positions. This ability to make sense of a wider viewpoint can be instrumental in shifting established positions of resistance and untangling complex individual barriers.

The article presents a comprehensive guide and toolkit for change agent development. Scenarios showcase skills and knowledge that can be applied to enable individuals to pass through gateways and continue along the path to becoming a systems leader.

The work of transformational change within health and social care needs to provide a holistic approach which can shift the dynamics of established positions and move to a future focussed on involving patients at the centre of care. This will include utilising a range of channels and conversations with groups at the edge to bring about whole hearted and ground breaking change.

How could you use the guides within the research to support change in your area?

How have you developed as a systems leader in Health and Social care?

Could you recommend a colleague for the Change Agent profile who is a applying the skills and knowledge of system leadership @The EdgeNHS ?