Commentary by Anya DeIongh  


Anya works for the NHS in Dorset as a self-management coach in Dorset. She also works nationally as a patient leader, and her work has been recognized in the HSJ 2015 Rising Stars List, and the HSJ Patient Leaders list this year.

The Democratization of Healthcare

John Nosta’s interview is an interesting read – it certainly touches on all the buzz words in the digital health arena. It is refreshing to see someone acknowledge the multifaceted nature of the challenges we are facing in healthcare, but the solutions he has discussed are very narrow in their application.

Apps can be brilliant, but they require the users to have a certain degree of self-efficacy already. The people who perhaps most need support and to change their behaviors aren’t going to be able to access it. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to when I was at my worst.

It was interesting to note about the change in power dynamic. I agree with Nosta that access to information and increased understanding is a contributing factor in disrupting traditional power balances. Perhaps equally if not more so, the shift from clinical to holistic wellbeing also changes the balance. Focusing on the medical, psychological and social impact of a health condition in the context of some-ones’ day to day life (a more person-centered approach) can have a significant impact in sharing the power and knowledge as well.