Curating this article into issue 12 makes so much sense as we put a spotlight on design thinking. Google Ventures have put together a five-day sprint process that captures the best ideas around business strategy, innovation, behavioural science, design thinking and team working.   The five-day sprint is a great way to work on critical issues in the workplace and get a solution fast.

It is useful to compare the Google sprint approach with the IDEO Design Kit – Human-centred design course. I am working on the MOOC course with team #Health Hackers from the Horizons Group. The course is fast paced and run over seven weeks to develop a product alongside others working on similar products/challenges across the world.   The seven weeks go by very quickly as you are going out to your ‘customers’ to identify the user issues around the concept you are proposing.

We have reached the stage where we have researched, prototyped, developed a concept and are now sharing this product, a hack pack for the #CMHack, with others on the MOOC for additional insight, critique and assessment. If you want to connect you can do so through Design Kit Community on LinkedIn to see the global discussions. Why not have a look at both approaches, Google sprint and Human centred design, and see what would work for your project.

Another article you may find helpful to go through the design thinking approach is

Finally, if you want to try human centred design why not sign up for the new free course on prototyping at, which will start soon.