This article is all about the epidemic of managing without soul

How many of us recognise these scenarios? Narcissists with credentials – the imposters rather than imposter syndrome. Expose them.

Exponential cost to staff, patients and care. The despair of seeing this behaviour perpetuated is complex. But hear and feel the wind of change. Bringing the whole person to work, the best self, social capital, spirituality, mindfulness, even love, are known ethically to be right, but there are now business cases to support it!

Many faiths refer to the soul being the spark of the divine. What a dark place to be without it.

Like ‘Death Eaters,’ managers without souls fear, and can be neutralised by, shiny people who emit positive, inclusive energy even under heavy chains of context. You know who they are – be with them.

#Getoutnow if you can. If you can’t, surround yourself with ‘light’ in whatever form works for you, record and report observations somewhere and to someone.