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It is Working Out Loud Week 2014 #WOLweek and John Stepper @JohnStepper is offering you the opportunity to try ‘working out loud’. If this is the first time you’ve come across this concept, then you might want to have a look at John’s blog “The 5 elements of working out loud“. It is a deceptively skilful activity and one which will transform the way in which you and your colleagues work, but as with all skills, it requires practice and repetition.

We believe that working out loud is a skill that all health and care change activists should be developing. The 5 elements of working out loud align closely to the fundamentals of being a transformational change leader:

1. Making your work visible
2. Making work better
3. Leading with generosity
4. Building a social network
5. Making it all purposeful

We challenge you to try working out loud and send us a tweet using the hashtag #WOLweek, or a message us via the box below to tell us about what you did and how you got on.

You might like to know that we’ll be featuring John’s new book “Working Out Loud: The Book” in our late January issue of The Edge which will be followed by a virtual book club with John in late February.

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