Using real case scenarios to illustrate key points; this white paper will resonate with people of all generations trying to bring about change and develop an innovation culture in their organisation.   Health and Social care innovation is about reviewing and learning from the past, then adopting new practices or products to transform services.  Times have changed and individuals are no longer passive in the delivery of care. Through social media individuals have a voice, and they are determined to use it through a range of new channels that appear every day.  Whether you like it or not the conversation is happening around patient care, new technology and different ways of working.

My role covers innovation and transformational change working at the edge and nationally.  This exposes me to other industries and the changes happening which could be applied to healthcare.  Beswick mentions the use of 3d printing as a way to speed up products and processes; this is a great example as I am using 3d printing in a District Hospital to fast track products.  3d printing enables clinicians to prototype innovative new equipment and move quickly to a position whereby a major healthcare equipment supplier can work in partnership with us to develop the product, ultimately improving patient safety and reducing costs for healthcare.

The white paper is one to share, it covers the product and service options of innovation and contrasts the impact of employee’s from different generations on delivery of an innovation culture.