A new way of doing business is shifting traditional mind-sets in the banking sector by encouraging the introduction of new technology that holds potential to increase and respond to changing customer demand. Why is this important? Just look at what is happening with Amazon right now and the way it uses platforms to increase its market share of products and services on line. Platforms, whether we like it or not is transforming relationships by connecting people to products in real time. The NHS is now uses a range of platforms which promote the latest tools with special features to encourage self-managed care. The impact of this is described by Ron Shevlin as ‘reachitecting the hierarchy of needs’ and ‘debungling of services’. The message is that we need to develop new platform capability and instead of relying on traditional business models develop platform strategies. People are looking for platforms to connect with new ideas and approaches to doing meeting their needs and that is where the power lies. Innovate or die is the litmus test pushing the limits on how we imagine our future to be. Have your say; connect and share your ideas on platforms you find most useful.