I’ve always been a big believer in harnessing people power through digital connections as a tool to share and empower. When Health & Social Care Voices @HSCVoices was founded in 2014 the aims were just that,to empower and bring people together, mainly through digital technology and to cut across sectors and hierarchical boundaries, and then attempt to replicate some of that magic into real life.

Digital technology offers such an amazing opportunity to connect at so many different levels to transform the agility of our systems, organisations and services in a non-traditional, non-hierarchical way. It becomes inclusive and diverse which we know enables us to move away from homogenous group think and to actively co-produce different thinking to today’s complex challenges.

Lee Bryant in his article makes the challenge that we need to think more broadly about how we develop agile, social, and collaborative strategies and focus more on the capabilities that digital, people powered technology enables to manage the change process.  He also rightly argues that today’s approach to organisational change is outdated and that a more nuanced approach is required, one that utilises the array of data which flows through the system to not performance-manage productivity, but reflect back organisational structures and ways of working and one which offers a new alternative to the usual top-down change programmes with ossified hierarchies.