The concept of transformational leadership was introduced by James MacGregor Burns 37 years ago. According to Burns, transformational leadership creates significant change in people’s lives and in organisations. Transformational leaders do this by inspiring followers to achieve the extraordinary; in doing so, followers learn how to become transformational leaders themselves. I am sure all of us aspire to this, but what does it look and feel like in the context of a busy health system?

In the video below, Counties Manukau Health Chief Executive Geraint Martin shares his passion for transforming the health and care system in South Auckland with the participants in a leadership programme. In discussion with international leadership experts Dr James Reinertsen and James E. Orlikoff, he outlines his personal philosophy for leadership, describes the day to day realities of his role as Chief Executive and shares a number of key frameworks that he uses.  The conversation also includes descriptions of technical efficiency, allocative efficiency and the ‘tragedy of the commons’, and explores how these are relevant in health and care organisations.