Strapping on the lifebelt

Well I can’t believe it’s almost a year since I joined the School but it has, and I have been delighted to receive a copy of the evaluation as it has allowed me to reflect on the ups and downs of becoming a Change Agent, something I am very proud of.

Whilst digesting the evaluation there was one quote that really grabbed me and shouted #SHCR:

‘It was like supermarket sweep running around picking up all these tools”

This one quote pretty much says it all for me; I came away with a bag full of tools that I am making use of when possible. The School in 2015 was an inspiring time for me as I found my feet in the world of social media, I have built a network that provides support to me on my travels and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these people for our own randomised coffee trials.

The one thing that the school didn’t really prepare me for was the choppy seas that would ensue when the boat starts rocking, a point that is well made through the evaluation. The module did give you an insight into sea sickness and remind me to strap on the lifebelt in preparation for the event but no-one could have foreseen the storm ahead. It has been fun riding the storm now the sun is starting to shine again and the evaluation has some timely reminders about looking to those around you as they’re probably in that same boat; which is another point I have recently come to realise.

Thankfully I have been kept afloat by the network that has been built around me and many of those are fellow change agents and ‘radical’ thinkers alike. I enter 2016 looking forward to this year’s School with the hope that I can support colleagues around the world in stabilising the boat and creating change within healthcare settings.