The resolution: become less judgmental, particularly about people, but also more generally.

This is apparently the ultimate resolution or goal we can set for ourselves, according to @JeffreyPfeffer. I took some time to reflect on this article by Pfeffer, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

I like to think of myself a fairly non-judgmental person, but this article really got me thinking, “How often do I draw conclusions about people, situations and opportunities, that colour my behaviour and the outcome?”

I’m not ashamed to admit that in my NHS career (and indeed in my personal life), I have always been wary of certain ‘types’ of people…perhaps those in certain roles, or those with reputations or a particular personality style. My judgement of them, and their likely response to me, my idea or work, has sometimes been so strong that I have avoided them. I guess the underlying emotion was anxiety, but on the whole, my judgement and reaction was not only wrong but unhelpful – limiting opportunities and relationships.

As change activists, we need to be able to engage with a diverse range of people about a whole host of issues and matters. The ability to put our judgments aside to see things from a different perspective, hear the opinions of others, and work with people with opposing views is fundamental to our success. Have a read of this article and reflect on the kind of judgments that you make: be honest with yourself and think about how those judgments may be self-limiting.