Power is shifting in the world. We sense it in all aspects of our lives, from macro crises of government and markets to micro trends in business, public services and our own individual experience. In their forthcoming book New Power: How Businesses Thrive, Movements Begin, and Ideas Catch Fire in Our Highly Connected World (due for UK release in April 2018), internationally renowned entrepreneurs Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms describe the nature of that shift and share practical insights for harnessing the energy of ‘new power’.

The authors describe new power as a current: made by many; open, participatory and peer-driven. As they outline through examples drawn from across the globe, the goal with new power is not to hoard it but to channel it. They contrast it with ‘old power’, described as like a currency: held by few;  jealously guarded, closed, inaccessible, and leader-driven.

At NHS Horizons, we focus on building change agency and growing change agents to transform the health and care system. Heimans and Timms’ exploration of the dynamic between old and new power has shaped much of our thinking. In our thousands of interactions with NHS employees and service users, whether through workshops, presentations or direct programme delivery, the new/old power framing provokes keen debate and inspires many to look anew at prevailing assumptions of how power operates. We’re proud that the work of Horizons’ team members will feature in case studies in this forthcoming book.

Read more about Heimans and Timms’ work on ‘new power’ in the Harvard Business Review.

Learn more about their upcoming book via the host website.

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