This is a succinct and practical paper on crowdsourcing and how we can harness ‘the power of the crowd’ to ensure that our change efforts are transformational.

Joy’s Law reminds us that, “No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else.” (Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems). If you’ve got a challenge to solve and big changes ahead, why would you want to exclude people from contributing their ideas, solutions and energy for change?

Crowdsourcing creates a change platform that is fueled by creativity, spontaneity, collaboration and belonging, all around a shared purpose for social good. The kind of change that we see emerging from crowdsourcing initiatives could never be prescribed or imposed. We know that, “People support a world they help create” (Dale Carnegie) and what could be better than sparking change than from the (often serendipitous) collisions of minds?

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