Celine was in the inaugural School for Health and Care Radicals: the ‘Class of 2014’, and is a recognised and respected leader in social collaboration and disruptive thinker with a strong track record in implementing positive change. You could say, she is a star student of the School!

In this blog, Celine tells us about the power of the volunteer, drawn from her perspective of three major initiatives, all fuelled by volunteers. Underpinned by Kotter’s 8-step process to leading change, we hear how volunteers play a crucial role in change,

“Not a few dozen of “change agents”, but a massive number of enabled workers whose energy and creativity are being unlocked.”

What really struck me about Celine’s blog is the realisation that we are all volunteers to some degree, and how we go about ‘unleashing’ the volunteerism within our colleagues, teams, organisation is absolutely paramount to realise the value that this latent energy for change can bring…as Celine says, “…communicative enthusiasm, positive mindset, cross-silo engagement, diversity in interactions, higher creativity, increased well-being…” Who could possibly argue against that?

You can follow Celine on Twitter: @CelineSchill

The artwork (to the top left) is called ‘Street Art’ by David Walker, picture by Jun Tuazon